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Francis and Clare
Our founders

Welcome to the Secular Franciscans

Our mission is to live the Gospel through the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi

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"We are mothers, when we carry him in our heart and body through divine love and a pure and sincere conscience; we give birth to him through a holy life which must give life to others by example." - St. Francis of Assisi

(From the Prologue to The Rule)
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As people of faith around the world, we want to challenge mainstream consumerism and shift towards cultures of joyful simple living.

That’s why we’ve launched our updated online platform to help you make a spiritual pledge and/or a climate-friendly behavior change commitment. All are welcome.

Learn more at www.livingthechange.net
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Sunday’s Gospel has the resurrected Christ “revealing” himself to the disciples at the sea of Tiberias.

‘Can you imagine for a moment as Jesus stood by the lake and looked out at Peter and the others fishing what he must have felt? Those on the boat were the heart of the team he had spent his ministry preparing to go to all the world with the Good News. Tears must have run down his face as he looked at them. He had formed them in the community to be his body. They were his plan to spread the word and what was happening. They were spending their night fishing. Had they not heard anything? Was it to all end here? If we count the number in the lesson, there were seven of the original twelve fishing. Of course, Judas was gone, but four others had gone their separate way as well. Jesus had to be worried.

‘As the disciples came near, Jesus asks if they had caught anything. They answered they had not. So he told them to cast their nets on the right side of the boat, which they did and were successful. Then they saw it was Jesus, and Peter in his excitement, jumped into the sea to get to Jesus, while the others brought the net filled with fish ashore. Jesus had prepared a fire to cook some of the fish for breakfast, and they shared bread and fish together. Then Jesus turns toward the boat and the fishing nets the disciples had been using. That boat represented a safe harbor for Peter and the others that had gone out that night. It had been their life before they met Jesus. And now they were being confronted by Jesus, "Do you love me more than these?" Of course Peter replied that he did. Then Jesus answered all three times, "Then show it."

‘…Peter had retreated to what was a safe harbor, and now Jesus was giving him the gift of another day to be faithful. There was still time for Peter to become the fiery preacher of Pentecost, to confront the high priest, the elders and the scribes as they assembled, to reach out to Cornelius, to be delivered from prison, and finally according to tradition, to be martyred in Rome.

‘We, too, are being challenged to believe that not only can we have the grace of another day, but in that day we can change and, in changing, change the world around us.’

[Rev. Dr. Wiley Stephens, day1.org]
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