Support Materials for Local Fraternities

Click on any of the link below to access the support tools.


Catholic Web Services – – a free service to Secular Franciscan fraternities to help with their website

Wix – a simple DIY platform to build and host a website


Difference between Page and Group – if you’d like a local fraternity Facebook page, I’d recommend a Facebook Page over Group.

Share to a Page – Create post from your account, Select “Share to Page” or  Open post on your account, Select “Share to Page”

Newsletter Samples:

These are MS Word templates. They will not open correctly on your mobile devices.

Sandal Prints Template

Cabrini Herald

Poverello Prints Template

The Canticle Template

Troubadour Tracings

Yahoo List Server:

Yahoo List Server Support

General Public Relations Guide

NAFRA: PR Manual

Beautiful, Free Stock Photos


Free Image Editing Software (like photoshop only easy)


Free Event Flyer Maker


Click here for Troubadours of Peace logo.

Click here for Secular Franciscan-USA logo.


Our website runs off of WordPress (WP). It’s basic design is incredibly simple. If you can use MS Word, you can use WordPress. Below is a brief overview of how it works to encourage you to consider supporting these efforts.

First, let’s discuss content, like the tabs and words that make up a website. Content in WP is created via “Menu headings”  or “Pages”  or “Posts.”

Each “Menu heading” (ex. About Us or New Here?) has “Pages” (ex. Minister’s Welcome or Spiritual Formation).  “Pages” have “Posts” (ex. How to Become a Secular Franciscan or an “Event”) which are added at different times and update regularly.  However, the “Page” can also have static content which does not change (ex. text in About Us). That’s it!

Menu Headings – Pages – Posts, with either updating content (Posts or Events) or static content (like How to Become a Secular Franciscan).

Next, WordPress has “Roles.” Everyone who visits can comment on posts – this is not a role. The main roles are “Author” or “Editor” or “Administrator.” Here’s a link to an infographic showing the differences, too.

An “Author” can add/delete “Events” or “Posts” (and correct spelling/grammar mistakes, add images, update information).  Any OFS member is welcome to become an “Author.” Just let me know! Again, if you can use MS Word, you can use WordPress and easily add posts and events.  I also have a username and password for short training videos, if you’d like to view them:

An “Editor” can do a bit more adding “Pages” and new formatting.

An “Administrator” has full rights.

In conclusion, if you’d like to discuss becoming one of the roles above, please let me know. There are some safety features we’ve built in to prevent the roles from “messing things up” so you’re welcome to try it out and explore. We could especially use some “Authors” who add content and “Administrators” who understand coding to fix some quirks and to confirm some high-level back-end programming. I’d be happy to have you help support this online ministry.

You can email me at to learn more. Thanks! Sarah